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Impact Crusher Working Principle & Structure

  • 2017-12-05

Impact Crusher Working Principle & Structure


1. The crusher is mainly composed of roller, roller supporting bearing, compaction and adjusting device and driving device.

2. Adjustment of the discharging granularity: there is a wedge or gasket between the two rollers, it can adjust device. At the top of the wedge there is a adjusting bolt.  When the adjusting bolt to pull up the wedge, the wedge will move the roller away from the fixed wheel, then the gap between two rollers will become bigger, the discharge granularity becomes larger.  When the wedge is down, the movable roller is smaller in clearance between the two wheels under the action of the compression spring, and the particle size of the discharged material becomes smaller. Gasket device adjust the particle size of the discharge by increasing or decreasing the number or thickness of the gasket.When add gasket, it will increasing the gap between the two rollers become larger, when reducing the gasket, the gap between the two rollersbecomes smaller,  the discharge size will become smaller.

3. The drive mechanism is composed of two motors, through the V-belt drive to the sheave drag roller, rotation according to the relative movement of the rotation. In the crushing of materials, the material from the feed port through the roller, grinded and crushed, at last crushed products discharged from the chassis.

4. For safety, the transmission part shall install the safety cover according to the actual situation.

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