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  • pf minería impacto piedra trituradora máquina

    trituradora de piedra de impacto abertura de alimentación: 820x700-1600x2080mm tamaño de la alimentación: ≤ 500mm solicitud: todo tipo de trituración de mineral, ferrocarriles, carreteras, energía, cemento, productos químicos, la construcción y otras industrias. materiales procesabl7

  • small stone jaw crusher para la venta

    trituradora de mandíbulas abertura de alimentación: 150 × 250-300 × 1300 mm tamaño de la alimentación: 125-250mm producción:1-2200 t / h solicitud: industria metalúrgica, industria minera, industria química, industria cementera, industria de la construcción, industria de mate7

  • cono de roca trituración

    trituradora de cono diámetro del cono:600-2200mm tamaño de la alimentación:35-300mm producción:12-1000t / h solicitud: metalurgia, materiales de construcción, construcción de carreteras, industria química y de silicatos. materiales procesables: barita, mármol, calcita, 7

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Daily Work In Hengxing

  • 2017-10-21

Daily Work In Hengxing


Picture 1:

Ball Mill Parts

Work in Hengxing is a happy thing, our lovely worker is smling when he drilling holes on the hollow shaft of ball mill. The other hollow shaft on the floor is his product.

Picture 2:

Ceramic Ball Mill Export

Two sets of ceramic ball mill all finished production, one is for export and other is sold in domestic. They have fine workmanship and the beautiful appearance.

Picture 3:

Welding Rotary Dryer

A worker is welding the lifting blade for a rotary dryer, he is in protective clothing and take protective tools.

Picture 4:

Ball Mill Drum

He is doing welding work in a drum, wchich will become to a ball mill in the near future.

Picture 5:

Stone Jaw Crusher Manufacture

This is a finished jaw crusher, which will be send to client's place.

These are just psrts of our workshop, Hengxing's every work day is busy, too many machines are being made. Hengxing always moving forward, we will never let clients feel disappoint. Fighting!

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