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Installation, Debugging And Troubleshooting Of Magnetic Separator

  • 2017-12-14

Installation, Debugging And Troubleshooting Of Magnetic Separator

I. Installation And Debugging Of Ore Magnetic Separator

1. In the installation process, the magnetic separator shall be placed on the base of the drum and the frame, which shall be placed on the base of the cement surface and shall be fixed.

2. Fixed machine need to add the lubricating oil in the rotating parts, power connected supply, idle running.

Ore/Mineral Wet Magnetic Separator

3. Check whether the direction of rotation drum is correctly, connect the water supply, and adjust the pressure and flow, adjust the magnetic system to the optimum state, adjust the fine powder discharge adjusting plate to 5-8 mm.

4. After all these adjustment, let the machine idle for a brief moment, adding not more than 0.3mm of the particles of the slurry (note: the feeding size cannot be greater than 0.3mm). Check whether all the adjustment is correct, whether the machine is at optimum state. If no malfunction, can make normal production

Wet Drum Magnetic Working

Troubleshooting Of Magnetic Separator






Mineral precipitation

1. Ore slurry particle size is too large

2. Ore slurry exceeded process capacity.

3. Mash-in Water no pressure.

1. Filter out ore particle greater than 0.3mm.

2. Reduce feeding the amount of ore, reduce concentration, flow.

3. Increase mash-in water pressure.


No concentrate powder was separated

1. The water of scour ore is less pressure.

2. Blocking of ore washing hoses.

3. Mixing room blocked.

4. Magnetic system adjustment is not correct.

1. Increase the pressure of water of scour ore.

2. Clean the water hole

3. Open the Slurry mixing room discharge sediment

4. Readjust the magnetic system


Drum rotation difficult

Precipitate too much friction roller

Open the slurry mixing room port, discharge sediment

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